Palestine Standards Institution (PSI)
PSI started operations in 1996. Today, 20 years later, the institution employs 130 people distributed among its main functions, namely Standardization, Certification, and Metrology. PSI’s operation is governed by an independent board of directors chaired by the Minister of National Economy, and includes representatives from industry, academic institutions and related PNA ministries.

PSI has been able to press forward with most of its functions and was able to achieve the following: adopting and developing over 3700 standards most of which are harmonized with international standards, Grant over 270 quality and supervision marks to various Palestinian companies in various sectors, Calibrating hundreds of measuring devices and tools in the market and for factories and laboratories. Signing general cooperation and mutual recognition agreements with different countries, PSI, became a subscriber member of ISO in 2001 and has just upgraded its membership to correspondent member in 2004.
TC1 Halal Food Issues
TC3 Service Site Issues
TC4 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
TC5 Tourism and Related Services
TC6 Agricultural Products
TC7 Transportation
TC8 Leather and Tanning Material
TC9 Textiles and Related Products
TC10 Halal Supply Chain
CCA SMIIC Committee on Standards for Conformity Assessment
TC11 Halal Management Systems
TC12 Dangerous Goods Transportation
TC13 Jewellery
TC14 Petroleum and Related Products
TC15 Terminology Committee
TC16 Halal Pharmaceuticals Issues
Palestine Standards Institution
P.O. Box: 2258 Ramallah
State of Palestine
Tel: +970 2 2989014
Fax: +970 2 2964433
e-mail: info@psi.pna.ps
Web: http://www.psi.pna.ps