The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC), as an institute developing necessary mechanisms for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries, aims at setting new standards in the Member States and eliminating technical barriers to trade consequently increasing the trade among them. The Institute also aims to establish conformity assessment schemes for the purpose of expediting exchange of materials, manufactured goods and products among Member States beginning with mutual recognition of certificates.

The SMIIC also seeks for achieving uniformity in metrology, laboratory testing and standardization activities among Member States and ensuring education and training and providing technical assistance to the OIC Members in the domain of standardization and metrology. Hence, the Institute may cooperate with other regional and international organizations interested partially or wholly in standardization, metrology or related fields.


To develop quality infrastructure, by establishing uniformity in standardization, metrology and accreditation activities including conformity assessment and quality improvement to facilitate trade and support sustainable economic growth, consumer welfare, environment and innovation promotion for our Member States.


To create a quality infrastructure that improves economy, welfare and protects our Member States

Our Strategic Priorities (Goals)

Strategic priorities (Goals) are set as a specific target that moves us towards our vision. They help us to stay focused and on track to ensure that we create a quality infrastructure that improves economy, welfare and protects our Member States. As well as, guiding us where to direct our efforts to maximize our impact in eliminating technical barriers to trade, supporting sustainable economic growth, consumer welfare, health protection, environment, innovation promotion and ensuring safety for our Member States.

  • Develop high-quality standards that are used worldwide
    To realize our vision, our standards have to be developed with high quality and have to be widely accepted and used. We need to be sure that we are developing consensus-based and market-relevant standards that address the needs of the key actors in industry and our Member States. We will focus our efforts to align SMIIC standards with the International standards in order to facilitate trade and encourage implementing SMIIC standards.

  • Support members’ needs and ensure effective engagement of their stakeholders
    To realize our vision, we must support our members to achieve their needs, especially in engaging their stakeholders which is considered to be a crucial factor for standardization work success.

  • Support the enhancement of quality infrastructure and interconnectivity of members
    To realize our vision, we must support our members to enhance quality infrastructure at the national level and to improve connectivity and integration between them.