TC1 Halal Food Issues
Secretariat Turkish Standards Institution
Secretary Ms. Tuğba Daysaloğlu tdaysaloglu@tse.org.tr
(Until end 2023)
Ms. Mediha Esra YAYLA medihaesra.yayla@sbu.edu.tr
SMIIC Technical Assistant Mr. Mohammed Ali Alsheikh ali.alsheikh@smiic.org
Creation Date 2011

Standardization in the field of the production of halal food products and services for any stage of the food chain in general, with a focus on the fulfillment of halal requirements, improving both safety and quality parameters, and satisfying the needs of main stakeholders (industry, government, and consumers).

TC1/WG1 Porcine and Ethanol Detection
TC1/WG2 General Requirements For Preparation And Handling Of Halal On-Board Meals
TC1/WG3 Halal Packaging: General Requirements
TC1/WG4 Halal Food Prepared By Bioprocessing Techniques: General Requirements
TC1/WG5 Meat Substitute Study Group
OIC/SMIIC 1:2011 General Guidelines on Halal Food (Replaced by OIC/SMIIC 1:2019)
OIC/SMIIC 1:2019 General Requirements for Halal Food
OIC/SMIIC 22:2021 Halal Edible Gelatine – Requirements and Test Methods
OIC/SMIIC 23: 2022 Feeding Stuffs for Halal Animals – General Requirements
OIC/SMIIC 24:2020 General Requirements for Food Additives and Other Added Chemicals to Halal Food
OIC/SMIIC AWI 25 Test Method for detection of porcine in Food Products and cosmetics
OIC/SMIIC AWI 26 Test Method detection of ethanol in Food Products and cosmetics
OIC/SMIIC CD 38 Maximum Limit for Residues of Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) in Food
OIC/SMIIC WD 58 General Requirements for Preparation and Handling of Halal On-Board Meals
OIC/SMIIC AWI 59 Halal Packaging: General Requirements
OIC/SMIIC AWI 60 Halal Food Prepared By Bioprocessing Techniques: General Requirements
Liaison Organizations Category
GSO GCC Standardization Organization A
IIFA International Islamic Fiqh Academy A
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TC3 Service Site Issues
TC16 Halal Pharmaceuticals Issues
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TC 1 Committee Meeting 2021-11-11 11:00:00 /Türkiye
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