Institut Algérien de Normalization (IANOR)
Created as a public institution having an industrial feature by means of an executive decree of February 21 1998 as part of INAPI restructuration (Algerian Institute of Standardization and Industrial Property).

IANOR is the National Standards Body. Its tasks include in particular:

- to ensure the development of national standards in coordination with the other sectors;
- to identify national standardization needs;
- to ensure the implementation of the national standardization plan;
- to ensure the dissemination of information on standardization and related activities;
- to manage the national information point on Technical Barriers to Trade of the World Trade Organization (WTO);
- to manage the mark of conformity to Algerian standards.

Institut Algérien de Normalization
5 et 7 rue Abou Hamou Moussa(ex-rue Daguerre)
B.P. 104 R.P
Tel: +213 21 78 21 35 / +213 21 78 21 76
Fax: +213 21 78 21 81
E-mail: dg@ianor.dz
Web: www.ianor.dz