Metrology Council (MC)

Metrology Council (MC) shall consist of a chair and members from national metrology institutes of the Member States and Observers of SMIIC.

The chair of MC shall be elected by the members of MC in accordance with the procedures defined in Rules of Procedure and approved by the Board of Directors. MC shall prepare annual work plan in line with the SMIIC Strategic Plan and report the progress to the Board of Directors.

MC shall make cooperation in all types of metrology activities and policies among SMIIC Member States.

The method and principles of the administration of MC shall be defined in Rules of Procedure. It shall operate according to a Terms of Reference document which shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

MC shall have an inventory of existing calibration standards and establish a chain of traceability to reference standards for each basic unit.

MC shall act as intermediary, for any unit, for meeting calibration requirements which may arise at any link of the chain to be established. It shall, through its staff of experts, certify the extent of accuracy and precision with which any calibration laboratory offers services.

Metrology services shall also be supplied by making the most efficient use of the existing potentialities in the Member States. Priority issues in the field of metrology shall be solved through coordinated research.