Islamic Organisation for Food Security
The Islamic Organisation for Food Security is a specialized institution of the OIC, dedicated to promoting agricultural and rural development as well as enhancing food security in OIC member states.

The overall objectives of IOFS are: to coordinate, formulate and implement common agricultural policies, including the exchange and transfer of appropriate; to assess and monitor the food security situation in member states in order to determine and make necessary emergency and humanitarian assistance, including the creation of food security reserves; to mobilize and manage financial and agricultural resources for developing agriculture; and enhancing the food security in member states, among others.
Islamic Organisation for Food Security
Mangilik Yel Ave. 55/21 AIFC,
Unit 4, C4.2 Nur-Sultan, 010000
Republic of Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 (7172) 64 40 85
E-Mail: info@iofs.org.kz
Website: www.iofs.org.kz