History of SMIIC
The idea to establish a sound mechanism for the harmonization of standards among Islamic states can be traced back to the 1st Meeting of the Economic and Commercial Cooperation Standing Committee (COMCEC) of OIC in 1984. The Standardization Experts Group for Islamic States (SEG) which was established in 1985 for this purpose worked to this end and its work led to the approval of the SMIIC Statute at the 14th COMCEC Meeting in 1998. 
The Statute of SMIIC was first submitted to the Member States for its signature during the 15th COMCEC Meeting held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, on November 04-07, 1999. 
The Statute entered into force after fulfilling the ratification requirement of 10 OIC member states on May 2010 and the Institute established in August 2010. SMIIC is an affiliated organ of the OIC and its Headquarters is located in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey.
13 OIC Member States (in alphabetical order) which ratified the SMIIC Statute are:
1- People's Democratic Republic of Algeria,  
2- Republic of Cameroon,
3- Republic of Guinea,
4- Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,
5- Libya,
6- Republic of Mali,
7- Kingdom of Morocco,
8- Islamic Republic of Pakistan,
9- Republic of Somalia,
10- Republic of Sudan,
11- Republic of Tunisia,  
12- Republic of Turkey, and
13- United Arab Emirates.
HISTORY (Milestones)
1984    At the 1st Meeting of the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Coorporation (COMCEC) chaired by the Turkish President in 1984, it was emphasized that the Standardization Bodies of the Member Countries should harmonize their national standards for the purpose of eliminating technical barriers to trade and thus developing trade among themselves.

1985-1997 According to the resolutions made by the Expert Group and Coordination Committee who had 14 meetings from 1985-1997 it was decided to establish the Standards and Metrology Organization for Islamic Countries (SMOIC).

1996    The expert group decide to submit the Draft statute to the 12th COMCEC Meeting(1997)

1997    Draft Statute submitted to the 12th COMCEC Meeting (1997), where it was decided that the statute be reviewed technically and judicial in the frame of opinions received from members and name of SMOIC changed to the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC).

1998    Revised Draft Statute of SMIIC submitted to the 14th COMCEC Meeting held on November 01-04, 1998 as agenda item(Article 7) and approved.

1999    Statute of SMIIC first submitted to the member countries for signature during the 15th COMCEC Meeting held on November 04-07, 1999 in Istanbul.

2010   Statute of SMIIC enters into force after fulfilling the ratification requirement of 10 OIC member countries on May 2010. 1st General Assembly Meeting of SMIIC held on 02 August 2010.


  • The SMIIC General Secretariat initiated its activities at SMIIC Headquarters in İstanbul, Turkey with 13 SMIIC Member States.
  • 1st Board of Directors Meeting of SMIIC in January 2011 was held and Technical Committee (TC) 1 on Halal Food Issues was established.
  • TC1 held its first meeting Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon on 16-17 May 2011 with the participation of 33 representatives from various OIC Member States. TC1  considered and adopted the three documents, with the contributions of 39 OIC-SEG Member Countries and IIFA, as OIC/SMIIC Standards, namely
  • - OIC/SMIIC 1:2011, General Guidelines on Halal Food,
  • -OIC/SMIIC 2:2011, Guidelines for Bodies Providing Halal Certification, and
  • -OIC/SMIIC 3:2011, Guidelines for the Halal Accreditation Body Accrediting Halal Certification Bodies.

2012    SMIIC members increased to 20, 6 New TCs, Accreditation Committee, and Metrology Committee was established and held their first meeting during SMIIC Forum 2012.

2013   SMIIC Members increased to 29 including one observer status. SMIIC Workshop for OIC-LDC Member States and IHAF was held.

2014    SMIIC Members increased to 31 Members (including 2 observer status)


  • SMIIC Information System (IS) launched.
  •  Strategy and Action Plan Committee established to study and finalise SMIIC Strategy Plan.
  • TC8 Leather and Tanning Material and TC9 Textiles and Related Products established.
  • SMIIC Strategy Plan 2016-2020 adopted.
  • SMIIC/CCA (SMIIC Committee on Standards for Conformity Assessment) established


  • SMIIC Members increased to 36 Members (including 3 Observers).
  • 5 new TCs established (TC10 Halal Supply Chain, TC11 Halal Management Systems, TC12 Dangerous Goods Transportation Requirements on Transportation, TC13 Jewellery, TC14 Petroleum and Petroleum Products).


  • OIC/SMIIC 5 General Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) adopted and published.
  • SMIIC Internal Regulations (Statute, Rules of Procedure, Financial Regulations and Staff Regulation) revised at 11th General Assembly. New organizational structure entered into force by 7 May 2017.
  • Standardization Management Council, Accreditation Council, Metrology Council reconstructed and a Standing Advisory Committee established.


  • SMIIC Members increased to 40
  • AC, SMC and BOD’s members for 2018-2020 term was elected
  • TCs’ numbers reached 15


  • SMIIC Members increased to 42
  • 13 OIC/SMIIC standards and new editions of SMIIC Directives published
  • OIC/SMIIC 1,2,3 halal standard series revised thoroughly
  • OIC/SMIIC 9 halal tourism standard published


  • TC’s number reached 17
  • Number of published OIC/SMIIC standards increased to 38
  • Physical meetings switched to virtual ones
  • Elections postponed and terms of office extended for another year
  • Strategic Plan 2021-2030 approved


  • SMIIC Members increased to 46
  • The number of published OIC/SMIIC standards increased to 42
  • Elections took place for SMIIC organs and Secretary General


- Mr. Tahir BÜYÜKHELVACIGİL (Republic of Turkey) served as the Chairman of Board of Directors of SMIIC from January 2011 to July 2011.

- Mr. Hulusi ŞENTÜRK (Republic of Turkey) served as the Chairman of Board of Directors of SMIIC from July 2011 to May 2015.

- Mr. Sebahittin KORKMAZ (Republic of Turkey) served as the Chairman of Board of Directors of SMIIC from May 2015 to April 2018.


- Dr. Lütfi ÖKSÜZ served as the 1st Interim Secretary General from August 2010 to July 2011.

- Mr. Haluk DAĞ served as 2nd Interim Secretary General from July 2011 to May 2012 and served as the Secretary General from May 2012 to December 2014.