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SMIIC Meetings 2023

SMIIC Meetings 2023 was held in the Holy City Makkah Al Mukarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from October 30 to November 1, 2023.

On October 30, 2023, the 5th Meeting of the Finance Committee (FC) and the 4th Meeting of the Strategy Committee (SC) took place, showcasing the dedication of these committees in advising and supporting the SMIIC's initiatives.

The 6th Meeting of the Standardization Management Council (SMC) also unfolded on the same day, highlighting the importance of using AI in standardization. 

The 26th SMIIC Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting convened on October 31, 2023, and was marked by an appreciation for the comprehensive progress report provided by the General Secretariat on the Two Year Implementation Plan of SMIIC Strategic Plan 2021-2030 for the years 2023-2024.

The 18th Meeting of the SMIIC General Assembly (GA) was held in the Holy City Makkah Al Mukarramah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on November 1, 2023 with the attendance of 35 Member States and 2 Observers. The meeting witnessed the convergence of various important SMIIC committees and councils, including the Finance Committee (FC), Strategy Committee (SC), Standardization Management Council (SMC), and the Board of Directors (BOD), all of which contributed to the success of the event.

Additionally, the Metrology Council (MC) and Accreditation Council (AC) presented their reports, with the BOD expressing their gratitude to SMIIC/AC for the preparation of draft documents for the Islamic Forum for Halal Accreditation Bodies (IFHAB).

The pinnacle of the event was the 18th SMIIC General Assembly (GA) Meeting, held on November 1, 2023. This prestigious gathering witnessed speeches by prominent figures in the field, setting the stage for further collaboration and advancement in standards and conformity assessment. The following speeches were made:

  • H.E. Dr. Saad Alkasabi, Chairman of SMIIC Board of Directors (BoD), delivered the welcome speech, emphasizing the commitment to promoting SMIIC activities and the importance of standards and conformity assessment. 
  • H.E. Mr. Saud Al-Khusaibi, President of the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) highlighted the importance of standardization and collective action on this regard.
  • A message from Mr. Sergio Mujica, Secretary-General of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), was delivered by Mr. Collins Wafula, Regional Coordinator for the Africa and Arab States region through a video recording.
  • H.E. Amb. Isiaka Abdulqadir Imam, Secretary-General of D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation, discussed the importance of collaborative efforts.
  • H.E. Prof. Koutoub Moustapha Sano, Secretary-General of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), shed light on the role of standards in the Islamic world and shared insights on the significance of adopting OIC/SMIIC standards to enhance trade relations and remove technical barriers.
  • A message from H.E. Hissein Brahim Taha, Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), was delivered by H.E. Mr. Naghi Jabbarov, Director General of the Department of Economic Affairs of the OIC.
  • Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qassabi, Minister of Commerce of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, delivered a speech, underlining the importance of commerce and standards for the progress of nations.

For those who missed these enlightening speeches, the opening speeches can be watched at https://www.youtube.com/live/lJMpCtI-dN4?si=6wwPbgQSILzo2WDQ, providing an opportunity to catch up on the valuable insights shared during the event.