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SMIIC Conducts OIC/SMIIC 50-1:2022 Halal Pharmaceuticals Training Virtually

SMIIC organized and conducted the OIC/SMIIC 50-1:2022 Halal Pharmaceuticals - Part 1 - General Requirements, foundation training virtually in English from 14-15 August 2023.

The training was attended by 50 participants from SMIIC member states and was the first training in the Halal Pharmaceuticals sector. It was also the fifth training course in a series that will be held by the SMIIC General Secretariat in 2023.

This standard is aimed to help both producers and halal competent authority (Islamic authority) to ensure halal status is preserved throughout the product chain and to gain the confidence of the Muslims. This standard was formulated based on the concept of halal built-in rather than the end products tested for its halalness, and used by competent authorities towards halal certification.

The program included an introduction to SMIIC and its activities, an introduction to OIC/SMIIC 50-1, requirements and implementation of the OIC/SMIIC 50, and an evaluation test.