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5th Meeting of Management of SMIIC Accreditation Council

5th Meeting of Management of SMIIC Accreditation Council was held on 08-09 May 2023 in İstanbul, Republic of Türkiye.

The MAC Members reviewed the outcomes of the meetings of Task Force Group (TFG) which has been working on the preparations of the documents of designated structure as defined in the OIC Halal Quality Infrastructure (OHAQ) documents.

The meeting also welcomed the initiative of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the establishment of the Islamic Forum for Halal Accreditation Bodies (IFHAB) as the designated structure at the OIC level which will conform to the standards and regulations issued by the SMIIC.

The meeting also reviewed the IFHAB Statute, Procedures for IFHAB Membership, Code of Ethics for IFHAB Members and Criteria for Signing of Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MRA) draft documents and decided to further improve the documents by taking the views of all SMIIC AC members.