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New Halal Standards

SMIIC is proud to announce the publication of three new Halal Standards that are now available for public use. These standards, OIC/SMIIC 57:2022, OIC/SMIIC 50-1:2022, and OIC/SMIIC 23:2022, address different aspects of halal inspection, pharmaceuticals, and animal feeding.

OIC/SMIIC 57:2022 sets the general requirements for inspection bodies that perform halal inspection. It applies to all organizations that conduct halal-related inspection activities and aims to ensure compliance with existing national laws and regulations.

OIC/SMIIC 50-1:2022 covers the manufacturing and transportation of halal pharmaceuticals based on Islamic rules. It defines the basic requirements that are applicable to all organizations, regardless of size and complexity.

Finally, OIC/SMIIC 23:2022 outlines the general requirements for the preparation and production of feed intended for halal animals. It specifies the basic requirements that shall be followed at any stage of feed preparation or production, including packaging, handling, transportation, and storage of any materials intended for halal animal feeding. 

At SMIIC, we are committed to promoting and implementing halal standards that meet the needs of consumers and organizations worldwide. These new standards will help ensure the highest level of quality and compliance with Islamic rules in the halal industry.

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