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SMIIC MC Workshop on Uncertainty Calculation of Force Measurement Device

The 17th SMIIC MC Training within the SMIIC MC Work Plan 2021 – 2023 was the Workshop on Uncertainty Calculation of Force Measurement Device took place on the 28 December 2021 virtually, technically hosted by SMIIC General Secretariat.  30 experts participated in the training.

The training is hosted by NMI: Tübitak UME – Turkey

General Description: This training covers uncertainty calculation of force measurement device according to ISO 376:2011 international standard and a numerical example of uncertainty calculation.  

Objective, expected outcome: It is aimed to enable participants to develop their knowledge and skills in calculating uncertainty of force measuring device.

References: ISO 376:2011

Duration of training: 2 hours (28 December 2021)

Lecturer: Dr. Haldun Dizdar

Time Schedule: 10:30 - 12:30


  • Introduction to force calibration according to ISO 376 international standard
  • Description of uncertainty parameters of force measuring device in calibration process
  • Uncertainty calculation concerning to ISO 376
  • A numerical example of uncertainty calculation regarding to ISO 376