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Halal Standardization and Conformity Assessment Training for Indonesia BSN, BPJPH and BPOM Staff

A Twenty - Three days training on Halal Standardization and Conformity Assessment for the participants from National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN), Indonesia Halal Competent Authority (BPJPH) and Indonesia Food and Drug Authority (BPOM) held on 01-23 October 2021 in SMIIC headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey.

Upon the request of the BSN, SMIIC General Secretariat organized and given this training in cooperation with Turkish Standards institution (TSE) and Halal Accreditation Agency (HAK) in the line of the Technical Cooperation Project titled “Acceptance Halal Product Assurance Systems Strategies during COVID-19 Pandemic for Increasing Exports and Competitiveness of Indonesia Halal Products”. During the Training following presentations were delivered and Field Visits:

- Halal Standard Development System and Harmonization of Halal and Conformity Assessment Scheme

- Halal Ecosystem and Regulation

- Halal Accreditation and Certification System

- Implementation of Halal Standards

- Development of Halal Certification Scheme

- Field visits

The training was successfully completed and SMIIC General Secretariat delivered certificates of completion awarded to Participants.

The training was very productive and SMIIC will continue to support its members wherever necessary.