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SMIIC MC Training on the Types and Uses of Reference Materials

The second SMIIC MC Training within the SMIIC MC Work Plan 2021 – 2023: Training on Types and Uses of Reference Materials was held on Wednesday, 14 July 2021 virtually, technically hosted by SMIIC General Secretariat. 23 participants attended the training.

The training was given by the host NMI: SASO National Metrology and Calibration Center.

General Description: The training covered the different types and uses of reference materials in chemical analysis

Objective: To provide knowledge to participants about the types of reference materials and their uses in chemical laboratories

Who should attend: The training was intended for staff working in chemical measurement laboratories at NMIs

References used for International vocabulary of metrology - Basic and general concepts training: and associated terms (VIM)

The Eurachem guide: selection and use of reference materials

ILAC Guide on selection and use of reference materials

The lecturers were:

Mr. Abdulrahman R. Alaskar (ar.askar@saso.gov.sa)

Prof Dr. Adel B. Shehata (a.shehata@saso.gov.sa)


 Types of reference material

 Uses of reference materials

- Calibration

- Method Validation

- Bias estimation

- Uncertainty calculations

- Quality Control

- Proficiency testing (PT)

- Training