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ENAS participated in the Mid Term Meetings for the International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF)

Dubai, 23 February 2020- for immediate release:

The Emirates national accreditation system “ENAS”, in the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology "ESMA", obtained the position of Vice President of the Multi-Lateral Recognition Arrangement Committee, at the International Halal Accreditation Forum, IHAF.

The Multi-Lateral Recognition Arrangement Committee, is the committee concerned with implementing the procedures of the international recognition system for halal accreditation bodies, after the national system was elected in the forum's meetings held last week in Dubai.

International Halal Accreditation Forum, IHAF, is currently includes 37 members from around the world, while Dr. Rehab Faraj Al-Ameri, Director of the National Accreditation Department , confirmed that “ENAS” enhances the efforts of ESMA and the plans of the UAE government, as the UAE has become a trusted regional destination To provide accreditation services.

Al-Ameri said that the UAE national accreditation system achieved significant national achievements during the past year, most notably the obtaining of international recognition by the Asia Pacific Organization for APAC accreditation, after the election of the state in Singapore by the members of the organization that includes 75 members.

She added: And achieved the national accreditation system The Emirati is ranked among the first accreditation bodies to obtain international recognition in accordance with the latest requirements of the International Standard ISO / IEC 17011 for the year 2017, and the first in the Arab region.

She clarified that the UAE national accreditation system enjoys global acceptance of the results of the examination and calibration activities and their efficiency, in a way that reflects positively on the industry and trade sectors in the UAE.

As well as removing technical obstacles for exporters abroad, and gives more confidence to the national regulatory authorities, especially those concerned with human health and safety and the environment.