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6th SMIIC Technical Committee Week

The Sixth SMIIC Technical Committee Week


New Standards are in the pipeline

 The 6th SMIIC Technical Committee Week Meetings were held on 15-20 April 2019 in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey. The delegation from the following participated in the meetings: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Djibouti, Egypt, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Libya, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and International Islamic Fiqh Academy. The delegates of the members shown great effort and contributed to the committees’ technical work during the whole week.

 The opening session of the TC Week 6 started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. H.E. Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT, SMIIC Secretary General welcomed the participants with an opening address. In his speech, the Secretary General highlighted the critical role of the SMIIC Technical Committees including SMIIC/CCA by highlighting the importance of the establishment of SMC, the publication of the second edition of SMIIC Directives, establishment of national mirror committees in member states, the importance of the tasks of the committee secretaries and members, the SMIIC Information System and the new ZOOM online meeting tool account for SMIIC Members…etc.

The following Technical Committees and SMIIC Committee on Conformity Assessment held their meetings:
TC1 Halal Food Issues
TC1/WG1 on “Test Method for Detection of Porcine in Food Products and Cosmetics”
TC 3 Service Site Issues
TC 5 Tourism and Related Services
TC 6 Agricultural Products
TC 7 Transportation
TC 8 Leather and Tanning
TC 9 Textile and Related Products
TC 10 Halal Supply Chain
TC11 Halal Management Systems
TC 12 Dangerous Goods Transportation Requirement
TC 13 Jewellery
TC 14 Petroleum and Related Products
TC 15 Terminology

The committees studied on the more than 37 projects like Halal Food Additives, Halal Edible Gelatin, Halal Tourism – General Guidelines, Date, Halal Supply Chain, Halal Management Systems, Guide-Example of a Certification Scheme for Halal products, General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Personnel Involved in the Halal Certification Activities…etc. were studied by the committees.