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6th SMIIC Metrology Council Meeting

SMIIC 6th Metrology Council Meeting

The SMIIC Metrology Council held its 6th Meeting on the 18-19 April 2019 in İstanbul, Turkey with the participation of 50 delegates from 29 Member States.

The following agenda items were discussed:

  • The latest development report of the SMIIC Metrology Council
  • Halal Activities in Members States
  • Project Proposal for establishment of the “Excellency Metrology Center” for Islamic Countries
  • Latest Development in National Metrology Bodies of Member States
  • Capacity Building and Knowledge Transfer Program within SMIIC MC
  • Survey Results of Member States

Report regarding the Metrology Council Infrastructure survey was presented and discussed. The MC Secretariat will continue to collect surveys from Members who have not yet sent in their surveys.The Metrology Council welcomed the proposal establishment of the “Excellency Metrology Center” for Islamic Countries.  A task force group was formed composed of (Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and SMIIC General Secretariat) to further study and prepare the necessary documents.

Member States made presentations regarding the latest developments in their National Metrology Bodies. 3 Member States (Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Bosnia-Herzegovina) volunteered to give training