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8th Meeting of SMIIC AC

The Eight meeting of the SMIIC Accreditation Committee (AC) was held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey on 29-30 August 2015, hosted by SMIIC General Secretariat.

The AC Meeting was attended by the representatives of the following SMIIC AC Member Bodies/States:

-         Association Senegelaise de Normalisation (ASN)

-         Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB)

-         Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BAS)

-         Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC)

-         Department of Standards Malaysia (DSM)

-         Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA)

-         Jordan Standards and Metrology Organization (JSMO)

-         National Accreditation Body of Indonesia (KAN)

-         The Kyrgyz Accreditation Centre of the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic (KCA)

-         Libyan National Centre for Standardization and Metrology (LNCSM)

-         National Accreditation Center of Iran (NACI)

-         Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO)

-         Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK)

SMIIC General Secretariat attended the Meeting as observer.

SMIIC AC Members introduced the recent outputs of their organizations with regards to their accreditation activities, experience and road map for Halal accreditation.

Terms of Reference (ToR) document of the SMIIC AC was revised according to the comments of the SMIIC AC Members and required documents that need to be prepared were distributed to the SMIIC AC Members.

It was decided to organize the 9th meeting of SMIIC AC on 23-24 November 2015 in İstanbul, Republic of Turkey.

Following the implementation of the planned training session(s) of peer evaluators, assessor or experts and finalization of the required supporting documents to the SMIIC AC Terms of Reference (ToR), SMIIC Accreditation Scheme is planned to be launched by the beginning of 2016, with that a sound recognition system will be implemented and all conformity assessment bodies in the world meeting the requirements of the relevant OIC/SMIIC standards will be included in this halal accreditation system and perform halal certification activities under the umbrella of SMIIC.