Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (COSQC)
COSQC is considered as an ancient organization, established in 1979 under the Law 54 issued in 4June 1979. But its roots extend to the sixties when activities were practiced by different parties as follows:

-Iraqi Standards and Metrology Body, established in 1963.
-State Directorate of Research and General Industrial Control, established in 1973.
-State Directorate of Hall Marking.
-State Department of Industrial Property.

Most activities practiced by COSQC have a relationship to others, not only from technical side but also for its contribution to the advancement of the National Economy and the protection of National Wealth, in addition to its importance in International economic relations and trade. Hence, the most important reasons for COSQC establishment were to emphasis the necessity of adopting an industrial monitoring system on the production and subjected to continuous development, which makes the national industrial products capable of competing goods in the advanced countries and work to draw consumers to the national industry and to increase his confidence in them. It has sought at that time to connect COSQC with Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation, given to its supervisory nature, neutral role and to support and facilitate the discharge of its tasks.
Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control
Ministry of Planning
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