Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality (EOS)
EOS is the competent and official body responsible for standardization activities, quality and industrial metrology aiming at increasing the competitiveness of the Egyptian products in the international and regional markets along with consumer's and environment protection. The presidential decree no. 29/1957 stipulated the establishment of EOS under the name of "Egyptian Organization for Standardization", and in the same year EOS became an ISO member.

Moreover, quality control center had been established and joined to EOS according to the presidential decree no. 392/1979. Hence, EOS name was changed to be "Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control". Lately, EOS name has been changed to be "Egyptian Organization for Standards and Quality" according to the presidential decree no. 83/2005.

Eos Tasks & Activities:

-Representing Egypt in the international and regional organizations concerned with standards, quality, measurements and metrology.
-Developing and issuing Egyptian standards.
-Granting license for quality mark and conformity certificate for the Egyptian products in various fields.
-Providing technical consultancy and support in the field of standards and quality,
-Calibrating measurement and testing equipment for companies and industrial establishments.
-Providing information for the concerned bodies in the field of standards, quality, measurements and metrology
-Providing training courses for technicians working in competent authorities and other concerned bodies relevant to standardization, quality, inspection, testing, measuring and calibration activities.
-Undertaking the responsibility of the enquiry point relevant to Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (TBT).
-Participating in the work of CODEX Alimentarious Committee.
-Implementing the activities of quality management systems and environmental management systems and consumers' issues corresponding to ISO committees.
-Carrying out the activities of the national COPOLCO Committee.
-Issuing the unified Arab standards in cooperation with the Arab Industrial, Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO).
-Participating in the activities of African Regional Organization for Standardization (ARSO).
Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality
16 Tadreeb El-Modarbeen St., Amerio, Cario
Telephone: +202 22845522
Fax: +20222845504
e-mail: eos@idsc.net.eg
Web: http://www.eos.org.eg