Institut Marocain de Normalisation (IMANOR)

The IMANOR is a public establishment under the supervision of the state, with legal personality and financial autonomy, administered by a board of directors and managed by a Director. IMANOR is the official body responsible for Moroccan standardization, attached to the Ministry of Industry. The main missions of IMANOR: • Production of Moroccan standards; • Certification of compliance with standards and reference standards; • issuing and dissemination of standards and information related; • Training on technical standards and their implementation; • Representation of Morocco to the international and regional standards organizations.

Institut Marocain de Normalisation
Ministére de l'Industrie,du Commerce et des
Nouvelles Technologies,
Angle Avenue Kamal Zebdi et Rue Dadi
Secteur 21,Hay Riad
MA-10100 Rabat
Tel: +212 5 37 57 19 48
Fax: +212 5 37 71 17 73
E-mail: imanor@imanor.gov.ma
Web: http://www.imanor.ma