Association Sénégalaise de Normalisation (ASN)
The effective management of standards issues in Senegal began with the creation of the Senegalese Institute of Standardization (ISN) in 1978.

ISN was responsible for leading the government's policy in standardization and related activities.
In 2002, By Decree 2002-746 of 19 July 2002, the Senegalese Institute of Standards became Senegalese Association for Standardization (ASN) with the involvement of the private sector in the decision-making.

And therefore ASN is composed of 60% from the private sector and 40% from the public sector.

The missions of ASN is:

-Development of national standards

-The representation of the interests of Senegal in regional and international standardization bodies (ISO, SMIIC, ARSO, ECOWAS, UEMOA, IEC),

-Quality Promotion,

-Product certification through the NS -Quality certification mark.
Association Sénégalaise de Normalisation

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