Qatar General Organization for Standardization (QS)
Laboratories and Standardization Affairs (QS) is the national standards body in Qatar. It was established in 2002 and is currently affiliated to the Ministry of Environment. The core functions of QS include the following activities:

- elaborate and publish Qatari product and service standards (voluntary) and technical regulations (mandatory) with participation of relevant stakeholders (industry, academia, control authorities, etc.)

- ensure high quality and safety of products, commodities and materials following new trends and developments

- participation in relevant international and regional organizations

- grant license to use Quality Mark

- grant license to use Conformity Certificate and Conformity Mark

- testing of products, commodities and raw materials

- in-house and external calibration services

- assaying and hallmarking of precious metals

- operate Qatari National IEC Committee

- operate WTO/TBT/SPS National Enquiry Point and Notification Authority for the State of Qatar

QS comprises three departments:

- Standards and Metrology

- Quality and Conformity

- Central laboratories
Qatar General Organization for Standardization
Abo-Hamour Area, opposite the Medical Commission
P.O. Box 23277
Doha, Qatar

Tel: + 974 40344444 Fax: + 974 40344411 E-mail: standard@qatar.net.qa