Accreditation Council (AC)

Accreditation Council (AC) consists of members from national accreditation bodies authorized by the Member States and Observers of SMIIC.

The chair and 12 members from national accreditation bodies authorized by the Member States shall be appointed or elected by the Board of Directors for the management of AC, on the basis of an equitable geographic distribution, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.

AC will form accreditation technical committees (ATC) to implement accreditation related policies/projects/programs in line with the SMIIC Strategic Plan. Membership of ATC is open to all Member States.

The chair of AC shall be elected by the members of AC in accordance with the procedures defined in Rules of Procedure and approved by the Board of Directors. AC shall prepare annual work plan in line with the SMIIC Strategic Plan and report the progress to the Board of Directors.

The method and principles of the administration of AC shall be defined in Rules of Procedure. It shall operate according to Terms of Reference document which shall be approved by the Board of Directors.

AC is the organ carrying out activities aimed at the establishment of an accreditation scheme in the OIC Member States. AC is responsible for supporting actions for establishing a sound accreditation system OIC-wide and raise awareness of accreditation concept within the Member States.

AC shall be responsible for implementing OIC/SMIIC accreditation standards and performing peer assessment.

The 12 (twelve) new members of the management of the SMIIC Accreditation Council for the term 2018-2020 were determined with the Board of Directors Resolution 09/2017 of the 15th SMIIC Board of Directors Meeting which was held on 25 November 2017 in İstanbul, Turkey. 

The members of management of SMIIC Accreditation Council for the 2022-2024 term are as follows: 
1. Republic of CAMEROON
2. Arab Republic of EGYPT
3. Islamic Republic of IRAN
4. Republic of IRAQ
5. Hashemite Kingdom of JORDAN
7. Kingdom of MOROCCO
8. Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA
9. Republic of SUDAN
10. Republic of TUNISIA
11. Republic of TURKIYE
12. United Arab EMIRATES

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