ARAB Accreditation Cooperation
ARAC is the Regional Accreditation Cooperation for the ARAB Region, ARAC was established by the Ministerial Decree of the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) in June 2008 and its Bylaws were approved by the Ministerial Council on May 2010.

The Arab Accreditation Cooperation (ARAC) is an association of national accreditation bodies (ABs). The accreditation bodies are officially recognized by their national governments to assess organizations that carry out conformity assessment services against international standards. ARAC is therefore one of the main pillars of the Pan Arab quality infrastructure system in supporting intra-regional trade and the Arab Customs Union requirements.

ARAC coordinates and leads the Arab accreditation infrastructure to allow the results of conformity assessment services in one country, to be accepted by regulators and the market place in another country without further examination, for the benefit of the Arab community and the global economy.
ARAB Accreditation Cooperation
Rue Al khatawat, Rabat, Morocco, 1,
Rabat, Rabat 11000, Morocco.

Tel: + 212 600 78 56 78,
e-mail: secretariat@arabarac.org