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11th Meeting of the SMIIC Metrology Council (MC)

The 11th Meeting of the SMIIC Metrology Council (MC) was held in hybrid format during 28-29 October 2022 in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. It was hosted by the SMIIC General Secretariat in coordination with KazStandard, department of the Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of Republic of Kazakhstan (KAZMEMST).

Following the recitation from the Holy Quran, Dr. Mustafa ÇETİNTAŞ, Chairman of the SMIIC MC and Director of TÜBİTAK UME, welcomed the participating Member States, expressing his pleasure to see the SMIIC MC Members together in a new meeting and thanked warmly the KazStandard for hosting the 11th Meeting of the SMIIC Metrology Council. H.E. Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT, Secretary General of the SMIIC, He mentioned the steps taken by the General Secretariat to achieve its strategic goals and marks his appreciation to the SMIIC MC activities taken in accordance with the SMIIC MC Work Plan 2021 – 2023. V2 and thanked as well the KazStandard for the excellent arrangement of the meeting.

The meeting was attended by 47 representatives (30 physically and 17 online) from a total of 23 Members.
During the meeting presentations were given on the following:

1. Progress on implementation of SMIIC MC Work Plan 2021-2023 V2
2. Categorization of Member States and roadmap for transition from low to high category
3. Halal activities in Member States
4. Latest development in Member States
5. SMIIC MC Inter Laboratory Comparisons
6. EMCIC Project

The members discussed the possibilities for improvement and capacity building of member states to move from category 3 to category 1.

Presentations and speeches regarding the latest developments and Halal activities in their countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Türkiye, Saudi Arabia and Sudan were given by their representatives.

MC Council members also discussed the developments regarding the EMCIC project. The MC Trainings and capacity building projects will continue as planned in the SMIIC MC Work Plan 2021-2023 V2.