In a time where change is around every corner, organizations need to be especially aware of how changes in macro-economic factors can impact on their success, growth and prosperity now and in the future. In this context, the SMIIC Strategic Plan 2021-2030 has been prepared to set out our vision (what we wish to be in the future), our mission (who we are), our goals (how we strive to achieve our mission and vision), and our priorities (what we need to focus on and pay attention to in order to achieve our goals). 

The current SMIIC Strategic Plan 2016-2020 will be ending at the end of this year (2020) and a new Strategic Plan for the upcoming 10 years has to be prepared. The SMIIC BOD/SC held its 1st Meeting on 4 November 2019 in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and established a working group to work on drafting SMIIC Strategic Plan for 2021-2030 period. The 1st BOD/SC Strategy Working Group meeting was held in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey on 13-15 January 2020, hosted by SMIIC General Secretariat. It was attended by representatives from our esteemed Member States of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iran, Tunisia and Pakistan.

The BOD/SC Strategy Working Group worked hard for three full days to prepare the first draft of SMIIC Strategic Plan 2021-2030. Many country visits were conducted by the Strategy Working Group members to discuss the first prepared draft with selected Member States to collect their feedbacks and suggestions. After studying all the comments and suggestions received from the visited Member States, SMIIC General Secretariat prepared the final draft of SMIIC Strategic Plan 2021-2030 and send it for all Member and Observer States for commenting.

SMIIC 2030 vision is ”To create a quality infrastructure that improves economy, welfare and protects our Member States”.

The new SMIIC Strategic Plan 2021-2030 will concentrate on Three Strategic Goals:

  • Develop high-quality standards that are used worldwide
  • Support members for their needs and effective engagement of their Stakeholders
  • Support the enhancement of quality infrastructure and interconnectivity of members.