TC10 Halal Supply Chain
Secretariat Department of Standards Malaysia
Secretary Mrs. Fakheezah Borhan fakheezah@jsm.gov.my
(until end 2020)
Ms. Harlina Suzana Jaafar harlinasj@yahoo.com
Scope Standardisation in the field of halal supply chain including transporting, warehousing/ storing and retailing, that excludes manufacturing process of halal products, based on Islamic jurisprudential rules and ethics.
OIC/SMIIC DS 17-1 Halal Supply Chain Management System - Part 1 - Transportation - General Requirements
OIC/SMIIC DS 17-2 Halal Supply Chain Management System - Part 2 - Warehousing - General Requirements
OIC/SMIIC DS 17-3 Halal Supply Chain Management System - Part 3 - Retailing - General Requirements
Liaison Organizations Category
IIFA International Islamic Fiqh Academy A
Title Date Location TC/SC
Meeting notice : 1st TC meeting on Halal Supply Chain (SMIIC/TC 10) - No. 1/2017 2017 09 28 Istanbul/Turkey Halal Supply Chain
3rd Meeting of SMIIC/TC 10 on Halal Supply Chain 2019 04 19 Istanbul/Turkey Halal Supply Chain
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