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SMIIC MC Training in Interlaboratory Comparisons in Physical Metrology (Preliminary Meeting)

The 28st SMIIC MC Training within the SMIIC MC Work Plan 2021 – 2023 V2 was the Interlaboratory Comparisons in Physical Metrology (Preliminary Meeting) that took place on the 11 August 2022 virtually, technically hosted by SMIIC General Secretariat.  13 experts participated in the training.

The training was hosted by NMI: National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN)

General Description: Preparation meeting covers discussing and planning several ILCs in physical metrology between member states where the results can be used as supporting evidence for submission of CMCs.

Objective, expected outcome: Determine the ILCs pilot and preparation to conducting the ILCs.

Who should attend: All Category 1 and Category 2 SMIIC MC Members.

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Duration of training: 2 hours (11 August 2022)


Dr. Aditya Achmadi (aditya@bsn.go.id)

Time Schedule: 10:30 – 12:30


  •  Introduction
  •  Readiness of SNSU BSN to become a pilot or co-pilot in ILCs SMICC related to the survey results.
  • Discussion to determine the pilot and if necessary, co-pilot, of each ILC, and the next step preparation plan for conducting it.
  • Wrap up.