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OIC/SMIIC 1 :2019 General Requirements for Halal Food- Foundation Training in English

SMIIC conducted the OIC/SMIIC 1 Halal Foundation Training in English on the 23-26 May 2022 Virtually.

62 participants from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Egypt, Gambia, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Suriname, Sudan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Uganda, and Yemen attended the training. The training was the third of a series of training courses which will be held by the SMIIC General Secretariat in 2022.

The training aimed to give the foundation knowledge regarding Halal food, the Halal industry, requirements and implementation of the OIC/SMIIC 1:2019 General Requirements for Halal Food.

The training program included:

  • Introduction to SMIICs Structure and SMIIC Organs
  • OIC/SMIIC Standards on Halal Issues
  • Requirements and Implementation of the OIC/SMIIC 1:2019 General Requirements for Halal Food
  • Evaluation Test