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Procedures for the Technical Work and SMIIC IS training

SMIIC General Secretariat gave the training “Procedures for the Technical work and SMIIC IS for its Members on the 01 March 2021, held virtually with the participation of SMIIC Technical Committee Secretaries, Chairmen, Committee Members, User Administrators, Voters and Centralized Voters.


The training was the third of a series of trainings that is being given to SMIIC Member States. During the trainings some of the topics focused on were:

  • the procedures of the Technical Committee work,
  • use of the SMIIC Information System,
  • the role of the secretaries and SMIIC Directives.


The training aimed to bring together Technical Committee Secretaries, Chairmen, User Administrators and other users of SMIIC IS to guide them with their defined roles in Technical Committee Work in accordance with the relevant documents of SMIIC.