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8th Meeting of the SMIIC Metrology Council

The 8th Meeting of the SMIIC Metrology Council (MC) was held in Virtual-only format on the 22 October 2020 and technically hosted by the SMIIC General Secretariat. Following the recitation from the Holy Quran, Dr. Mustafa ÇETINTAŞ, Chair of the SMIIC MC and Director of TUBITAK UME, welcomed the participants to the meeting, expressing his pleasure to see the SMIIC MC Members participating in the meeting. H.E. Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT, Secretary General of SMIIC, gave a welcoming speech. He mentioned the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the steps taken by the General Secretariat to continue the activities and the latest activities of SMIIC. He mentioned that the Metrology Technical Capacity Building Program has been postponed due to the pandemic, however online training program will commence for OIC/SMIIC Standards and feasibility for metrology online trainings can also be considered.

The meeting was attended by representatives from 24 Member States and as well as the 2 (two) representatives of GULF Association for Metrology (GULFMET) attended as guest.

The Metrology Council decided to establish a task force group (TFG) to prepare a draft copy of the Metrology Council Annual Work Plan, the task force group members are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia¸ Sudan, Turkey and Uganda; and Dr. Mustafa ÇETİNTAŞ, Chair of SMIIC MC will be the chairperson of the TFG. The MC Members decided to re-discuss the EMCIC proposal at the next physical meeting.

The organizers of the Metrology Technical Capacity Building Program trainings: Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina and National Measurement and Calibration Center [NMCC] Saudi Arabia and TÜBİTAK National Metrology Institute (TUBITAK UME) Turkey, offered to evaluate the relevant subjects which are suitable from the physical trainings for online trainings and organize accordingly.