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15th SMIIC General Assembly Meeting

The Fifteenth Meeting of the SMIIC General Assembly (GA) was held virtually on 03 November 2020 and technically hosted by General Secretariat. The meeting was attended by representatives from 37 SMIIC Members States and 3 Observer States as well as the representatives of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Following a recitation from the Holy Quran, H.E. Dr. Saad bin Othman AL-KASABI, Chairman of the SMIIC Board of Directors (BOD) made an opening speech.


The meeting was chaired by H.E. Dr. Saad bin Othman AL-KASABI, Chairman of the SMIIC Board of Directors (BOD). The meeting was attended by 96 (ninety-six) representatives from SMIIC Member and Observer States.


The message of H.E. Dr. Yousef AL-OTHAIMEEN, the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), was delivered by Mr. Naghi JABBAROV, Head, Trade and Investment, Department of Economic Affairs of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. In his message, H.E. Dr. Yousef A. AL-OTHAIMEEN commended SMIIC for its activities, especially increasing the number of published standards which will contribute to the improvement of trade relations among OIC Member Countries. By highlighting how the activities of SMIIC greatly complemented several OIC actions and policies on trade financing, trade promotion and trade facilitation, he urged SMIIC and all national standards bodies of OIC Member States to activate the work of all SMIIC technical committees in order to realization of meaningful cooperation through creating a unified OIC/SMIIC standards in various fields. He also invited SMIIC to make a presentation on the new Halal Tourism Services standard at the 11th Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers (ICTM), scheduled to be held in the Republic of Azerbaijan. He concluded by congratulating the General Assembly of SMIIC for the milestones which it has recorded since its inception, notably the increase in the number of members and its successful efforts in ensuring the institution’s financial autonomy, among others. 

Following the speeches of the heads of the invited organizations, SMIIC Secretary General, Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT reported on the activities conducted since the 14th SMIIC General Assembly Meeting, the activities carried out for the implementation of the mandates given by the 14th SMIIC General Assembly and 19th SMIIC Board of Directors Meetings. He also highlighted the important issues that were discussed during 20th SMIIC Board of Directors Meeting held on 02 November 2020 virtually.

The General Assembly, following the extraordinary conditions caused by global Covid-19 pandemic and necessity to organize the General Assembly Meeting virtually and the importance of conducting the elections smoothly at a physical meeting to provide solidarity among the Member States, decided to postpone the elections of Board of Directors (BOD) and Secretary General to 2021 and to extend the term of office of the members of the BOD and Secretary General until the end of 2021.

The new SMIIC Strategic Plan for 2021-2030 which include Vision, Mission, 3 (three) Goals and 13 (thirteen) Strategic Objectives and 20 (twenty) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) was approved and its implementation will commence from January 2021.

The General Assembly approved the report of external financial auditor providing information on closing and establishing the annual accounts of SMIIC and the audited financial statements of SMIIC General Secretariat for the year ended -31 December 2019- in accordance with Article 9.4 of the SMIIC Statute and Clause 3.7 of the Financial Regulations.

The General Assembly also approved the SMIIC budget for the year 2021 as well as the allocation of the budget to the Member States based on the Annex I of the SMIIC Financial Regulations.

It was a very stimulating and fruitful meeting where the agenda items were kept to only those which had urgency due to the meeting being held virtually.