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A new Halal Standard has been published!

SMIIC Technical Committee 1 - "Halal Food Issues" (TC1) has produced with hard work and great efforts, a new standard.


OIC/SMIIC 24:2020
General Requirements for Food Additives and
Other Added Chemicals to Halal Food


The modern food industry uses many chemicals during food processing and production. These chemicals include but are not limited to food additives, processing aids, added nutrients and flavourings. The purpose of these requirements is to guide the food industrialists in selecting halal food additives and other added chemicals for producing halal foods. For those purposes, these requirements provide a detailed list that specifies whether this additive to be used is classified as doubtful or non-halal. It also serves as a useful reference for consumers to check if the food additive mentioned on the product label is doubtful or not.

Standard is available for online sale: https://www.smiic.org/en/project/60