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Service Site Standard has been published

“OIC/SMIIC 6:2019, Particular requirements for the application of OIC/SMIIC 1 to places where Halal food and beverages are prepared, stored and served” by TC 3.

OIC/SMIIC 6:2019 is the first standard issued by SMIIC Technical Committee on Service Site Issues. The standard provides information about the particular requirements for halal servicing restaurants, hotels (their restaurants and open buffets), canteens, cafeterias and buffets, self-service places, fast food sections of supermarkets, catering services delivered during land, air, sea travels, bakery ovens and pastries, raw materials used in such places, methods of preparation, storage and serving of meals, the personnel who are employed in these processes and the tools, utensils and facilities to be used.

Requirements in this standard have been established to indicate which additional activities or precautions have to be conducted in order to maintain efficiency in the application of OIC/SMIIC 1 to facilities where halal food and beverages are prepared, stored and served, and to assist in determining particular requirements for those facilities.

The standard is available for purchase on: https://www.smiic.org/en/project/28