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35th Meeting of the COMCEC

SMIIC Secretary General, Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT attended the 35th Meeting of the COMCEC held on 24-25 November 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey with the participation of the member countries of the Committee, the OIC General Secretariat and the following subsidiary, affiliated and specialized organs (SMIIC, SESRIC, ICDT, IDB Group, ICCIA, IOFS and OISA).

The Committee reviewed and discussed the progress achieved in the implementation of the resolutions and decisions of the 34rd Session of the COMCEC.

Following agenda items were discussed during the meeting:
- Report on the COMCEC Strategy and Its Implementation
- The Implementation of the OIC-2025: Programme of Action
- World Economic Developments with Special Reference to the OIC Member Countries
- Intra-OIC Trade
- Enhancing the Role of Private Sector in Economic Cooperation
- Improving Transport and Communications
- Developing a Sustainable and Competitive Tourism Sector
- Increasing Productivity of Agriculture Sector and Sustaining Food Security
- Alleviating Poverty
- Deepening Financial Cooperation
- Preparations for the Exchange of Views on “Facilitating Trade: Improving Customs Risk Management Systems in the OIC Member States”

SMIIC Secretary General, under the Agenda Item “Intra-OIC Trade”, briefed the Committee on the latest developments and activities of SMIIC by presenting the SMIIC report prepared for the 35th Meeting of the COMCEC.

The Committee acknowledged the increasing visibility of SMIIC, new members (Republic of Indonesia, State of Kuwait and Russian Federation), activities and expressed its appreciation to SMIIC for organizing capacity building activities in its field of competence. The Committee expressed its appreciation to the Republic of Turkey for hosting and SMIIC for coordinating the organization of the 6th OIC Halal Expo and World Halal Summit (WHS) 2018 with the theme of “Halal and Healthy Life: Awareness and Sustainability” in Istanbul on 29 November- 02 December 2018 in coordination with the ICDT and called upon Member States to participate in the 7th OIC Halal Expo and 5th WHS to be held on the 28 November-01 December 2019 in İstanbul, Turkey under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey.

SMIIC delegation also attended the 35th Meeting of the Sessional Committee of the COMCEC which was held on 24-25 November 2019 in Istanbul, on the sidelines of the 35th Meeting of the COMCEC.