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50 Years of OIC


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is the largest and the most influential intergovernmental Islamic organization in the world and it unites 57 countries spread over four continents. 

The OIC was established by the decision of the historical summit which took place in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco on 25 September 1969 (12th Rajab 1389 Hijra) following the criminal arson of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.  

This first summit marked the birth of the OIC, then in years it has become a powerful organization under which several institutions have been established in various areas in order to ensure Islamic solidarity in social, economic and political spheres, as well as to struggle against colonialism, neo-colonialism and racism and to support Palestinian independence.

And now it has been 50 years since the establishment of the OIC and as SMIIC, we are honored to commemorate 50th anniversary of the OIC and to be part of this unity which has been protecting the interests of Muslim Ummah for half a century.