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The Second Meeting of the SMIIC Standardization Management Council (SMC)

SMIIC General Secretariat hosted the Second Meeting of the SMIIC Standardization Management Council (SMC) which was held in İstanbul, Republic of Turkey on 07 April 2019.

The delegation of SMC Members – Cameroon, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Khalid Ahmed Bablani Director of Standards of PSQCA who was authorized by H.E. Abdul Aleem Memon, the Director General of PSQCA and the chairman of SMC.

As OIC Institution’s tradition, the meeting was inaugurated with a recitation from the Holy Quran. And The Secretary General of SMIIC H.E. Mr. İhsan ÖVÜT made an opening speech in which he highlighted the importance of the role of SMC in SMIIC technical activities.

The most important outcome of the meeting is the approval of the revision of the SMIIC Directives (Part 1: Procedures for the Technical Work and Part 2: Rules for the Structure and Drafting of OIC/SMIIC Documents. SMC, after great efforts exerted for the revision study, approved the SMIIC Directives which will enable SMIIC Technical Committees in a more professional manner.

During the meeting, the members also discussed about the current picture of the technical activities of SMIIC.