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4th SMIIC Technical Committee (TC) Week Meetings were held on the 16-20 April 2018 in İstanbul, Turkey.

4th SMIIC Technical Committee (TC) Week Meetings were held on the 16-20 April 2018 in İstanbul, Turkey with the participation of over delegates from Afghanistan, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Iran, Libya, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey, Pakistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Thailand and the International Islamic Fiqh Academy.

The meeting schedule was as follows:

16 April 2018:

  • TC4 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • TC7 Transportation
  • TC12 Dangerous Goods Transportation Requirements
  • TC15 Terminology

17 April 2018

  • TC1 Halal Food Issues
  • TC13 Jewellery
  • TC14 Petroleum and Related Products

18 April 2018

  • TC1 Halal Food Issues
  • TC2 Halal Cosmetics

19 April 2018

  • TC3 Service Site Issues
  • TC6 Agricultural Products
  • TC11 Halal Management Systems

20 April 2018

  • TC5 Tourism and Related Services
  • TC8 Leather and Tanning
  • TC9 Textile and Related Products

TC1 Halal Food Issues:

OIC/SMIIC CD 1 was revised and the project has proceeded to the draft standard (DS) stage.

Three new projects were approved:

  • Pakistan : NP about Halal Gelatine
  • Tunisia : NP about Halal Food Additives

TC 2 Halal Cosmetics

The committee discussed possible new work item proposals and agreed on following projects:

1) Test Method for detection of porcine in cosmetics products

2) Test Method detection of ethanol in cosmetics products

TC 3 Service Site Issues

TC 3 continued to study on the committee draft on OIC/SMIIC CD 6 -Particular requirements for the application of OIC/SMIIC 1 to places where Halal foods and beverages are prepared, stored and served. The committee will continue to study the second version of the committee draft.

 TC 4 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The committee evaluated the results of the FDS ballot on adoption of the ISO 50001 - Energy Management standard. According to the voting results the standard has been adopted. The committee also decided to start a survey about the test conditions exists in other standards regarding photovoltaic devices, equipment ...etc.  

TC 5 Tourism and Related Services

The committee decided to work on the project on Halal Tourism – General requirements as a priority work item. And will continue development of the standard.

TC 6 Agricultural Products

The committee studied on the drafts of the two projects on Saffron and Dates and decided to circulate the revised versions for comments. The draft documents for cotton will also be submitted.

TC 7 Transportation

Strategic business was approved. The committee decided to focus on technical field of activity on carriage of refrigerated foods on vehicles as priority .The committee will request from members

to send their related national standards/regulations if any.

TC 8 Leather and Tanning

A chairman was appointed – (Naeem Shahid) by the chair member state PAKISTAN.

And the following projects were approved and the drafts were discussed:

  1. Islamic Consumer Goods: Usage of animal bone, skin and hair
  2. Halal Leather – Bovine Wet Blue

TC 9 Textile and Related Products

The chairman was appointed – (Naeem Shahid) by the chair member state PAKISTAN.

The committee approved following New Work Item Proposals of SASO (Saudi Arabia).

  1. New Work Item Proposal for Woven Carpets used for Masjids.
  2. New Work Item Proposal for Towels - Specification.

During the meeting the 3 projects (Ihram Specification, Disposable Baby Diapers - Specification and Sanitary Pads – Specification) under the work program were discussed and evaluated.

TC 11 Halal Management Systems

The committee amended the OIC/SMIIC CD.1 18 on Halal Management Systems according to comments taken during the meeting and agreed on the scope and revised the committee draft. The second version of the CD shall be circulated to the members as OIC/SMIIC CD.2 18 according to the SMIIC directives for comments. IIFA will also provide information about “the Islamic managerial ethics”.

TC 12 Dangerous Goods Transportation Requirements

SMIIC TC 12 elected Mr. Avni AKGÜL as the Chair of this Committee who was nominated by TURKEY and the committee decided to focus on technical field of activity “Metallic road transportation tanks” as priority and approved the proposal of SAUDI ARABIA, “SASO 2288:2015 Road Vehicles Bottom Loading Tank Truck & Trailers “standard to be a new project under the committee working program as a committee draft.

TC 13 Jewellery

TC 13 approved the New Work Item Proposal from Turkey about Refined Gold as New Project- Committee Draft under its work programme and discussed other possible future works.

TC 14 Petroleum and Related Products

TC 14 elected Mr Ahmad Bunaiyan as the Chair of the committee who was nominated by Saudi Arabia and approved the strategic business plan.

Expressing that in 2018 that it will mostly focus on adoption of international standards and evaluated and decided to adopt 3 of the proposed standards of Saudi Arabia.

 TC 15 Terminology

The committee defined its scope and will develop its business plan.


discussed and accepted the proposed changes on the committee drafts of OIC/SMIIC 2 and 3 standards and decided to register the revised drafts as Draft Standard (DS) after necessary review will be completed, approved to initiate the following new work item proposals:

  • General Requirements for Halal Product Proficiency Testing, PSQCA (Pakistan)
  • General Requirements for Halal Product Testing Laboratories, PSQCA (Pakistan)
  • General Requirements for bodies operating certification of personnel involved in the halal certification activities, TSE (Turkey)
  • Guide-Example of a certification scheme for Halal products, TSE (Turkey)