OIC/SMIIC 4:2018, Halal Cosmetics – General Requirements .

OIC/SMIIC 4:2018, Halal Cosmetics – General Requirements

The new OIC/SMIIC Standard, “OIC/SMIIC 4:2018 – Halal Cosmetics – General Requirements” has been published and is available for online sale (https://www.smiic.org/en/project/30).

Voting on the Final Draft of OIC/SMIIC 4 was completed on 27 February 2018. The standard was developed by SMIIC Technical Committee on Halal Cosmetic Issues (TC2) and adopted by SMIIC after fulfilling the criteria for approval as per the results of the voting.

During the study to draft this standard, SMIIC Members States showed tremendous effort in order to cover all the different stakeholders’ views and answer their needs.

SMIIC Technical Committees will continue to produce new standards in various fields such as halal food, halal cosmetics, tourism, halal supply chain, halal management systems…etc. that can be used internationally.