Proficiency Testing on Determination of Animal Species in Gelatin .

Determination of Pork DNA in Gelatin Proficiency Test

Gelatin has a widespread usage in food sector and due to its source of production, gelatin raises suspicion aboutIslamic values and principles. Thus, appropriate reference materials for analysis of gelatin content is a crucial element in laboratory studies.

As a result of the coordination and cooperative R&D studies of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) and Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), first reference gelatin among Islamic States has been developed for halal food analysis. A proficiency test for determination of pork DNA in gelatin is being conducted at international level and the test is mainly focusing on SMIIC Member States.

TSE is the first organization accredited against TS EN ISO/IEC 17043 for PT services. With this experience and competence; this proficiency test is being conducted according to the international standards. The language for international applications and program will be English.

“Determination of Pork DNA in Gelatin Proficiency Test” with a code of “GID-12” is a part of 2016-03 PT Program. Please use this link for application and pricing policy. Same PT program can also be accessed through the EPTIS portal, which is one of the biggest PT database in the world.