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OIC SMIIC 9:2019 Halal Tourism Services Foundation Training for Private Sectors

SMIIC organized and conducted the OIC/SMIIC 9:2019 Halal Tourism Services, General Requirements, foundation training, virtually from 07-09 August 2023.

This standard aims to ensure that products and services provided to Muslim travelers align with Islamic guidelines, fostering a welcoming and inclusive experience for all. So, our comprehensive program has provided the participants with in-depth guidance on managing halal tourism facilities, products, and services in accommodation premises, tour packages, tourist guides, and more.

The training was attended by participants from (Algeria, Belgium, Greece, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Lithuania, Türkiye, United Arab of Emirates, and Uzbekistan).

This training was the third course in a series that will be held by the SMIIC General Secretariat in 2023 for private sectors.

The training program included:

- Introduction to SMIIC and its activities
- OIC SMIIC Standards in Halal Issues
- Requirements of OIC SMIIC 9
- how to implement and make SMIIC 9 checklist
- Case Studies
- Evaluation Test